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thebelovedmoon and associates

welcome! this houses all of the brands and labels under thebelovedmoon's repository.


you may primarily know him as the General Manager of #MamaNyoSquad, but he's more than just that. he's a visionary whose his efforts are constantly evolving.

an avid writer at heart, he's keen on expanding existing worlds and make every moment last a lifetime.

he houses a number of his in-house brands and labels, most of which he has spent all of his time on.

the most notable brands

since its inception on 6 December 2020, he has led a brand new connection that will drive the force in expanding the Dead or Alive (DOA) Community as the General Manager.

it has two sub-labels: #MamaNyoSquad Publishing and LunaSynth.

a two-man brand with its name licensed under the associates, this is the home of ReactOS Philippines (ReactOS-PH). he houses as the co-founder who mostly overseers the main PR activities.

all brands and labels


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